CORE: Write a love letter to your customer

The purpose of this letter is to gain clarity on who you want to serve and how.

Whether you're starting out or looking to reignite some passion into your business, a love letter like this can help you figure out what’s missing.

The cornerstone of any successful business is getting clarity on your audience and the problems you're solving for them; it's all about your why. It will reinforce the work you've done on your playbook, this time from your customer's perspective.

This challenge will help you dig deep to clarify:

  • Who you serve
  • Why you serve them
  • How you serve them
  • Why you're best suited to do this
  • What they really need you to deliver, in order to make them fall in love with your work

You'll be more confident in knowing what's in and what's out.

When writing your love letter it’s good to focus on the following:

1 - YOU

  • What do you value most in life?
  • Why do you want to help this audience?
  • Why do you feel such affinity with them?

2 - WHO

  • Who is your customer? Think of your customer as one person, who represents the audience you want to serve.
  • What are their hopes and dreams?
  • What is their life like?
  • What makes them happy?
  • What keeps them awake at night?

3 - HOW

  • What problem(s) can you help your audience solve?
  • How do you help them solve this problem? It must be a problem worth solving for them, and you must be specific. 'I make their lives better' is too generic.
  • Keep digging by asking how: How do you make their lives better?

How to structure your love letter

Although you might resist the idea, go through the process as if you really are writing a love letter. Remember, no one ever has to see this but you.

Use this structure to help you build up letter.


Start by showing your customer that you know them well. You see them. You're aware of their struggles, their frustrations, and their biggest dreams. You've even seen the not-so-filtered sides of them, and you accept them. You get them.

For example, what does it break your heart to see? Tell them "It breaks my heart when I see …"


Now, it's time to focus on the connection you have with your customer.

What do you add to their lives?

How do you make their day better?

What values, experiences and aspirations do you share?

For example, what are your hopes and dreams for them?. Tell them "I want you to live in a world where…"


You're ready to close the love letter with your promises to your customer. They know you understand them, and you're here to help. But it's not enough. 

What else can you do to show your appreciation to them?

What will you promise to do (or not do)?

Reaffirm the value you provide to them. It's okay to be proud of your work! Just make sure you're always connecting the value to your customer.

For example, what gifts do you want to give them? Tell them "I want you to have…" (Tell them what you want them to learn, understand, possess, or be able to do.)

Now what?

You've written an epic love letter to your customer. What's next?

Hang onto it. We’re willing to bet you got to know them better, as well as your why.

We’re also willing to bet you might have some ideas for future content, programs, or more ways to show your customers love. 

Be creative: You can use bits and pieces of what you wrote as copy on your website, sales pages, emails, and in social media updates.